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Pumpkin season is here, and we are excited and ready to enjoy all the pumpkin spice flavors that make this our favorite season for our taste buds. If you have a craving for the taste of autumn, try these fun (and yummy) recipes in your Charlottesville apartment:

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
Pumpkin Pie is the original treat that started the entire pumpkin spice craze. That warm, nutty blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice is what keeps us coming back for more. What if you could whip up all that wonderful pumpkin pie deliciousness into a smoothie? I don’t know about you, but I will be having pumpkin pie for breakfast, thank you very much.
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Pumpkin Pecan Pie Smoothie
Why stop at one delicious fall dessert in a smoothie when you can have TWO? Pecans and maple syrup give this smoothie a boost of flavor and texture that will tempt you to skip dinner for a doubly delightful dessert.
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Pumpkin Fig Smoothie
Figs are a wonderful companion to pumpkin, adding texture and a round, warm sweetness that is irresistible. The addition of hemp hearts adds protein and texture to a smoothie that is not just tasty, but hearty enough to start your day and keep you going.
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8 Pumpkin Smoothies You Can Make in Your Charlottesville Apartment

Pumpkin Coconut Smoothie
Coconut milk is making vegan smoothies more delicious than ever, and its subtle, creamy flavor is a perfect partner to pumpkin. This super simple pumpkin smoothie packs a punch of potassium and oodles of yummy pumpkin spice flavor.
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Pumpkin Gingerbread Smoothie
For something seasonal but a little bit different, try this smoothie that features healthy, exciting ingredients like fresh ginger, apple cider vinegar, and blackstrap molasses. The flavor tastes like a gingerbread cookie smeared with pumpkin pie but is a lot easier to take with you on your morning commute.
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Chocolate Pumpkin Smoothie
If you want a decadent smoothie with tons of yummy pumpkin flavor AND a big health boost, you simply have to try this smoothie. Serving up a healthy dose of greens (that you won’t even know are there) while satisfying your chocolate cravings, this rich, creamy smoothie is perfect for breakfast or even lunch on the go.
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Pumpkin Chai Smoothie
The deliciously spiced scent of Chai spice always makes me think of fall and the vibrant colors of changing leaves. It also complements pumpkin perfectly! Try REBBL’s Ashwagandha Chai Coconut Milk Elixir for a super easy, extra healthy treat.
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8 Pumpkin Smoothies You Can Make in Your Charlottesville Apartment

Cranberry Pumpkin Smoothie
Cranberry’s crisp, bright flavor pairs beautifully with pumpkin, pear, pecans, and dates in this amazing smoothie that tastes surprisingly like pie! Add flax or chia seeds for extra fiber, or leave them out for a smooth, creamy taste.
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Try these tasty recipes, and then get some pumpkin puree and start experimenting with your own fun fall smoothies! The best part of making them yourself is that you won’t have to wait until next fall to enjoy them.

Everyone loves that feeling of calm that you get when you visit your favorite spa. Why not recreate that feeling of peace and well-being in your apartment?! We shopped Amazon’s best sellers and found some fantastic items to help you make your Charlottesville apartment your personal oasis, even when you don’t have time for the spa.

The Perfect Scent

When you visit your favorite spa, you probably notice the lovely scent of lavender, citrus, sandalwood, or some other soothing herb that instantly creates a sense of ease and renewal. A home diffuser allows you to create the same aromatic feeling of well-being in your Charlottesville apartment. Try a reed diffuser and experiment with different scents like those from Culture and Nature or Binca Vidou, or use a diffuser that offers premium features like ultrasonic diffusion, humidifiers, or even mood lighting.

5 Ways to Create Spa Serenity in Your Charlottesville Apartment

Find Your Flow

A common feature in many spas is the water fountain. Studies have shown that the sound of moving water can contribute to lower stress levels, improved concentration, and even lower blood pressure. A tabletop fountain is an easy way to enjoy the sound of falling water in your apartment. There are literally thousands of styles to choose from, but the following are a few of our favorites:

Tiering Pots Fountain
3-Tier Modern Textured Bowls Ceramic Indoor Tabletop Fountain
Natural River Rock 3 Tier Tabletop Fountain with LED
Ceramic Tabletop Fountain

Take a Deep Breath

5 Ways to Create Spa Serenity in Your Charlottesville Apartment

Your “spa” should be as healthy and rejuvenating as it looks, so don’t forget to include an air purifier! HEPA filters and air purifiers can remove dust, pet hair and dander, pollen, and unwanted odors, making your aromatherapy more effective and your air more breathable. A good air purifier can reduce the symptoms of allergies, improve your sleep, and help you feel more energetic. Choose a single room purifier, or consider a larger HEPA filter to keep the air in your entire Charlottesville apartment clean and healthy.

A Peaceful Glow

A favorite feature of many spas is soft lighting and the warm glow of candles. Candles can be a lot of work and can also be dangerous if left unattended, so warm up your Charlottesville apartment with safer options like flameless candles. Crowd them together on a table or use candle holders to dress them up. Some flameless candles provide their own decorative glass and flickering features to create an authentic glow. You can even use the timer feature to make sure your candles are flickering as your walk in the door after work.

Fresh, Fun (and Fake)

To fully achieve the relaxing freshness of the spa, you need plants! However while the fresh green of plant-life can instill a feeling of calm and help energize your senses, let’s be honest: houseplants can be a lot of work (which isn’t terribly conducive to relaxation). Rather than burdening yourself with the worries of watering and keeping pets out of live plants, decorate your Charlottesville apartment with fake plants for the look and feel of an oasis without the stress! Modern faux plants look and feel so real, you’ll never notice the difference (except for how much easier they are to keep alive). Try some of these fun fakes to freshen up your space:

5 Ways to Create Spa Serenity in Your Charlottesville Apartment

Antique Set of 4 Artificial Plants & Flowers
Green Grass in Gray Pot for Home Décor – Set of 3
3 Pack Mini Artificial Plastic Eucalyptus Plants
Set of 5 Succulents Fake Plants
5 Pack Mini Artificial Plants in Ceramics Pots
4 Mini Artificial Potted Plants
Fake Tropical Palm Tree

Add those little touches that make your Charlottesville apartment feel special for that personal touch and get ready to relax!

If you’re shopping for a new place to live, you may not know the difference between a “condo” and an “apartment”. The difference can be much more important than you might think, especially if part of your motivation for moving is to reduce your role in home maintenance.

What is an Apartment?

Apartments are rental properties and are usually owned and managed by a property management company rather than an individual landlord. Apartments are located in residential buildings or communities in which all apartments are similar. A property manager and leasing agents usually work in the leasing office on the premises of the community to serve current and future residents.

What is a Condo?

Condo is generally short for “condominium”, a private residential unit that may be owned or rented out to tenants by a landlord. The landlord owns the individual condo, which is usually located in a residential building or community. The landlord acts as a property manager, and some landlords may own more than one condo in the community, but the landlord of a condo may not actually reside in the community and can even live in another city or state altogether.

The Reserve at Belvedere: Luxury Apartments in Charlottesville

What are the Key Differences?

On the surface, condo units may not look very different from apartments. The cost may be similar and the appearances may be very much alike, but the differences lie in 4 key areas: ownership, amenities, maintenance, and community regulations.


The biggest difference between a condo and an apartment can be seen in who owns and manages the property. A condo is managed and owned by a landlord, while an apartment is owned and managed by a property management company. This can affect how you communicate with your property manager and what you can expect in terms of maintenance. In a condo, your landlord may be more difficult to reach, and repairs and maintenance may be delayed in comparison to the response you receive from an on-site property management company.

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When it comes to that leaking refrigerator or an infestation of ants, you will find that apartments and condos are extremely different. In a condo, you will have to call your landlord directly about maintenance issues, and they will then call someone else to deal with your issues. This can delay service, particularly if your landlord lives in a different city or state. An apartment community generally offers 24/7 emergency maintenance service and can handle problems quickly thanks to staff located on the premises.


Some condos offer amenities similar to those you enjoy in an apartment, although in many cases condos offer more individuality between units. Condo units often require that you pay extra fees for amenities where an apartment community will not, and concierge services are rarely available in a condo. Amenities in a condominium community may also be managed by a homeowner’s association, giving individual tenants very little say in how amenities are managed and used, while tenant input in an apartment community may carry more weight.

The Reserve at Belvedere: Luxury Apartments in Charlottesville

Rules & Regulations

Most rules and regulations in a condo unit come from a community homeowners association or from the landlord directly. In your condominium, you will have to learn the rules of the HOA and any rules your landlord may have set. Apartment rules are stated clearly in your lease and are enforced by the apartment community’s property management team. Rules in an apartment community will be the same from apartment to apartment.

If you are looking to downsize and reduce your overall home maintenance requirements an apartment is the clear choice. An apartment provides peace of mind that rules will be enforced, emergency service will be available, and amenities will always be included and available, making an apartment an excellent choice for older tenants, students with packed schedules, and busy families. An apartment might be exactly what you’ve been looking for!