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Purr-fecting the Cat Nap

Charlottesville Pet Friendly ApartmentsEveryone knows that kitties enjoy a good nap. If you have a cat, you probably know exactly which cozy nook or soft blanket is the “perfect spot” in your apartment for your cat to curl up and snooze away an afternoon. Upgrade your Charlottesville apartment with variety and new options that will make your home an even better place for your cat to lounge! Here are some of our suggestions to create the purr-fect apartment for a “cat nap”.

If you leave a cardboard box out for more than a few minutes, you’re likely to find your kitty in that box, even when it’s too small for him! A simple cardboard box can be a fantastic disposable bed/play area for your cat. Cats enjoy scratching and chewing on cardboard, and boxes and cardboard scratches can be a great alternative to destroying your furniture. Cardboard products retain your cat’s scent, which can help to make him feel comfortable and secure. If the box starts to look worn out, just throw it away and start a new box. A soft blanket at the bottom turns the box into a washable bed that is perfect for young cats and kittens.

cat in apartment windowIf your feline is more fashionable, shop designer cat scratchers. These quality cardboard scratchers look stylish in your Charlottesville apartment while allowing your cat to enjoy the living room with you. Attractive modern shapes encourage lounging and napping and keep your cat from scratching the furniture or coating your sofa with fur. The smooth curves and interesting, modern shapes provide napping and scratching alternatives that won’t make your living room feel like it’s cluttered with cardboard. Some of our favorites include:

Cat Scratcher Couch

Cat Scratcher Lounger

Modern Designer Removable Modular Kitty Cat Scratcher Lounger

Window watching is a favorite past time of many cats. A cat perch allows you to enhance a favorite window and create a place for your cat to watch the world outside. Hang a bird feeder outside the window to let your cat lounge while she watches “kitty TV”. There is a large variety of damage free perches available – these are some of our favorites:

Sunny Seat Window Bed

Kitty Sill Double Stack Window Mount

Place a bed creatively in an interesting place that will appeal to your cat’s sense of curiosity. Install a kitty hammock underneath the seat of a dinner chair, or place the hammock under the desk where you work. If your cat enjoys climbing, put beds in elevated spaces – on top of a wardrobe or a refrigerator – so that he can enjoy his nap “in the clouds”.

Modern designer cat trees provide an attractive way to create a place for the cat who likes to watch guests without actually meeting them. If, however, your cat prefers being the center of attention, get her a piece of designer cat furniture – we love the Refined Kitty Ball Cat Bed because it looks great in your living room and creates a versatile napping spot for your cat.

Feel free to indulge your designer dreams and spoil your cat at the same time. Decorate with the luxe textures that are trending in home decor: velvet, faux fur, fleece, crochet and other textured blankets often please your cat as much as they please the eye. Washable blankets make it easy to clean when they become coated with fur, and blankets are ideal for snuggling or hiding beneath.

Create the perfect nap niche for your cat and have fun. You might even be inspired to upgrade your Charlottesville apartment style. Don’t forget to make time for a little “cat nap” with your favorite feline!


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