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Trends to Try in 2019 in Your Community Fitness Center

Charlottesville Apartment Fitness CenterFitness trends for 2019 focus on personalization and workouts that have been created to meet your own specific goals. Shorter workouts like HIIT workouts make it even more important to take advantage of the convenient fitness resources in your Charlottesville apartment community. Your fully equipped apartment community fitness center can get you started on the right track.

Modern apps and fitness trackers have made it possible for you to bring your own personal trainer to your apartment fitness center whenever you like. Streaming workouts can be combined with the equipment in your apartment community’s fitness center to produce maximum results from your workouts and include a wide variety of exercises, without joining a gym.

Charlottesville Apartment Fitness Center“Fusion” fitness is the 2019 trend to try, popularizing workouts that integrate different types of movement to produce a comprehensive workout. Yoga that uses a medicine ball to challenge your whole body, strength exercises that test your balance, and multiple move exercises improve your strength and flexibility in one exercise, often targeting muscle groups that are commonly neglected. Your apartment community fitness center features a variety of training tools that allow you to experiment with innovative modern workouts without the need to purchase a lot of equipment.

Charlottesville Apartment Fitness CenterThe most popular “fusion” programs highlight HIIT– High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT workouts reduce the time spent exercising by performing short periods of very high intensity activity followed by short periods of recovery and strength moves. Your apartment fitness center offers you the chance to experiment with this trend and combine different types of strength and flexibility exercises with cardio machine intervals. HIIT workouts are notorious for being short, another reason to use your apartment fitness center rather than spending 30 minutes each way to perform 15 minute workout.

If haven’t explored your apartment community’s fitness center, make a plan to stop in this year. Achieve your best health without an expensive gym membership by trying out the state-of-the-art fitness center right at home!


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