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5 Tips for Your Home Workout

home workoutExercising can be one of the most difficult activities to schedule and maintain. We all know that we need to work out regularly, but we never seem to find the time or energy. Here are a few tips to make your home exercise plan easier!

1: Create the Space

Designating a space for exercise in your apartment can be challenging, but dedicating a space for working out is a great way to motivate yourself. Slide your coffee table out of the way or move your bed to one side of the room. Devoting a space to exercise eliminates one excuse for missing workouts and reminds you to work out every time you see that space.

2: Plan a Time

Schedule a workout time and set a timer or a reminder to make sure that you stick to it. Exercising before you shower is convenient and leave you with a clean, refreshed feeling after your workout. If you usually shower in the morning your work out can boost your energy throughout the day. If you would rather shower at in the evening, exercise can help you get better sleep.

3: Invest in Exercise Equipment

at home workout equipmentBuying your own workout equipment reinforces your decision to start an exercise program. Start simply by buying a yoga mat or a set of hand weights, or purchase what you need to follow an online workout video you want to try. Gradually collect new workout equipment to keep your workouts interesting and continue to challenge yourself as you progress.

4: Exercise with a Friend

You can work out with a buddy even when you exercise at home! Keep each other motivated and inspired with text messages, or use a webcam to work out together from your separate homes. Sharing your workouts with a friend can help you look forward to exercise as an opportunity to spend time with someone you like rather than dreading it as a daily chore.

5: Make Privacy an Advantage

You can exercise along with a workout video on your TV or computer in the privacy of your apartment and customize your workout to your preferences. Play any music you want to, without your headphones getting in the way. Wear anything you want (or maybe nothing at all) without having to think about what you look in your leggings! Working out by yourself also boosts your confidence by eliminating the feeling of self consciousness as you improve your fitness.

If you are still struggling to find time to exercise regularly, try multi-tasking while you do chores! Do squats when you wash the dishes. Throw in some knee-lifts while you put away laundry or perform lunges when you vacuum. Squeezing in a few strength moves while you complete household tasks not only improves your fitness and saves time – it can also enhance a sense of productivity. Using household chores to distract you from exercise also prevents the monotony associated with a daily workout.

There are so many ways to make your home exercise program fun and enjoyable! Experiment and discover what works best for you. At the end of the day, what matters is that you work out, not how you work out!


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