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Stay Safe for Summer Fun

Charlottesville Apartment PoolSummer is finally here! The kids can’t wait for the long, hot, sunny days wasted by your Charlottesville apartment pool or floating on a lake nearby. Have your sunscreen available and grab your favorite swim suit: it’s time for summer fun! Remember to keep up with your water safety skills to keep summer safe and full of joy.

The most effective way to protect yourself and your children is to learn how to swim. Check with Parks and Recreation to find out where swimming lessons are available, and encourage your kids to learn the rules of safe swimming. In Charlottesville, check with ACAC to sign up for a complete list of swim classes. Also keep the following guidelines in mind:

• Never leave a child alone or unobserved when near any body of water.
• Keep a phone available in case you need to call 911.
• Know where safety equipment is stored and know how to use it.
• Do not swim at a public unless the lifeguard is present.
• Never dive into any body of water that is not clearly marked for diving.
• Small children and inexperienced swimmers should not swim in water over chest height.
• Put life jackets on small children around the pool.
• Do not allow kids to run on pool patios and wreste in the water.
• Do not swim when you are tired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
• Never swim during storms or bad weather. Lightning is deadly when mixed with water.

Charlottesville Apartment PoolIf you like to swim in lakes rather than your apartment pool, remember these basics:

• Always swim with a buddy, especially in remote places.
• Track your energy level and be certain that you have the strength to swim back.
• Never swim under boat, docks, and floating rafts.
• Do not jump into the water without looking to see it is clear - landing on another swimmer can result in injuries for both of you.
• Never dive in unless you know the water depth – jump in feet first to avoid spinal injuries if you are uncertain of the depth.
• Do not swim in dirty or polluted water, even if the area is marked for swimming. If you can smell foul odors or see visible trash and debris, do not swim in the area.
• Lakes and rivers may have strong, dangerous undercurrents. Only swim in designated safety areas.

Grab your towel and head to the apartment pool! Knowing how to stay safe will ensure that you can enjoy a long, lazy summer by the water.


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