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5 Ways to Bring Spa Serenity to your Charlottesville Apartment

5 Ways to Create Spa Serenity in Your Apartment

Everyone loves that feeling of calm that you get when you visit your favorite spa. Why not recreate that feeling of peace and well-being in your apartment?! We shopped Amazon’s best sellers and found some fantastic items to help you make your Charlottesville apartment your personal oasis, even when you don’t have time for the spa.

The Perfect Scent

When you visit your favorite spa, you probably notice the lovely scent of lavender, citrus, sandalwood, or some other soothing herb that instantly creates a sense of ease and renewal. A home diffuser allows you to create the same aromatic feeling of well-being in your Charlottesville apartment. Try a reed diffuser and experiment with different scents like those from Culture and Nature or Binca Vidou, or use a diffuser that offers premium features like ultrasonic diffusion, humidifiers, or even mood lighting.

5 Ways to Create Spa Serenity in Your Charlottesville Apartment

Find Your Flow

A common feature in many spas is the water fountain. Studies have shown that the sound of moving water can contribute to lower stress levels, improved concentration, and even lower blood pressure. A tabletop fountain is an easy way to enjoy the sound of falling water in your apartment. There are literally thousands of styles to choose from, but the following are a few of our favorites:

Tiering Pots Fountain
3-Tier Modern Textured Bowls Ceramic Indoor Tabletop Fountain
Natural River Rock 3 Tier Tabletop Fountain with LED
Ceramic Tabletop Fountain

Take a Deep Breath

5 Ways to Create Spa Serenity in Your Charlottesville Apartment

Your “spa” should be as healthy and rejuvenating as it looks, so don’t forget to include an air purifier! HEPA filters and air purifiers can remove dust, pet hair and dander, pollen, and unwanted odors, making your aromatherapy more effective and your air more breathable. A good air purifier can reduce the symptoms of allergies, improve your sleep, and help you feel more energetic. Choose a single room purifier, or consider a larger HEPA filter to keep the air in your entire Charlottesville apartment clean and healthy.

A Peaceful Glow

A favorite feature of many spas is soft lighting and the warm glow of candles. Candles can be a lot of work and can also be dangerous if left unattended, so warm up your Charlottesville apartment with safer options like flameless candles. Crowd them together on a table or use candle holders to dress them up. Some flameless candles provide their own decorative glass and flickering features to create an authentic glow. You can even use the timer feature to make sure your candles are flickering as your walk in the door after work.

Fresh, Fun (and Fake)

To fully achieve the relaxing freshness of the spa, you need plants! However while the fresh green of plant-life can instill a feeling of calm and help energize your senses, let’s be honest: houseplants can be a lot of work (which isn’t terribly conducive to relaxation). Rather than burdening yourself with the worries of watering and keeping pets out of live plants, decorate your Charlottesville apartment with fake plants for the look and feel of an oasis without the stress! Modern faux plants look and feel so real, you’ll never notice the difference (except for how much easier they are to keep alive). Try some of these fun fakes to freshen up your space:

5 Ways to Create Spa Serenity in Your Charlottesville Apartment

Antique Set of 4 Artificial Plants & Flowers
Green Grass in Gray Pot for Home Décor – Set of 3
3 Pack Mini Artificial Plastic Eucalyptus Plants
Set of 5 Succulents Fake Plants
5 Pack Mini Artificial Plants in Ceramics Pots
4 Mini Artificial Potted Plants
Fake Tropical Palm Tree

With these five simple steps, it is easy to create a luxurious spa experience and serenity in your apartment. Indulging in some of life’s little luxuries like this can help recharge both your physical and mental energy. If you’ve enjoyed this guide, think of how much you could enjoy modern luxury lifestyle amenities like those offered by the Reserve at Belvedere Apartments in Charlottesville, VA! Whether it’s the fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment, resort style pool and hot tub, or other thoughtful modern features, these accommodations make living more enjoyable than ever. Schedule a Tour for the Reserve at Belvedere today and experience all the luxuries we have to offer!

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